Friday, March 23, 2012

Curious Kid

This little goat stole my heart while visiting Celebrity Dairy in Siler City, NC.
He was so curious about what I was doing...he demanded to be photographed and painted!

"Curious Kid", pastel, 6x6 ©Kim Werfel

He's painted on 3/16" white gatorboard with Art Spectrum's Fine Tooth Colorfix primer in Terracotta.  I loved the angle and planned on capitalizing on the strong diagonal, heavily textured board and complementary colors.  But there were problems with light coming from various angles, part of another goat in the scene and part of a fence to delete.

This took more time than I thought....I simplified the composition to just the goat that caught my heart in the first place and the straw around him.  Sometimes less is more :)

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Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi Kim,
    Found your blog via Alyson Stanfield's blog.
    Their critique was helpful to me, as I tend to make long posts.

    One interesting observation on your blog is the use of gater board for pastel painting and the medium you use. I also like the color you choose to underpaint your pastel painting.

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thank you for your comments. Using 3/16" gaterboard with pastel primer is a method I learned from Rita Kirkman...see her work at and at Gatorboard doesn't warp in the heat like foamcore does....a problem with the humidity down south here too. Give it a may like it!