Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to photograph a Lazy Llama

1.  Keep at a distance and use your zoom lens.
2.  Best to be outside his pasture.

If you don't follow these risk being spit on or chased!

"Lazy Llama", pastel, 9x7"©Kim Werfel

Adult llamas can be 6 feet tall and from 280-450 pounds!  They are often used to guard sheep or other animals  (goats). 

While at Celebrity Dairy, we got permission to cut through a field to photograph some chickens on the other side (sounds like a joke, but it's true) (see Rooster and his Chicks).  This llama was in the field and watched our every move....kinda made it exciting :)'s my small pastel marking the exciting event!

"Lazy Llama", pastel, 9x7"©Kim Werfel

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Kim Werfel

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