Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long Island Egret

My brother is a very good photographer when he's not working in the family business in Brooklyn, NY, W.H. Christian & Sons.  Living on the water, he often photographs the wildlife there....and gave me permission to paint this egret.

Although his egret was in the act of fishing, I decided to paint mine without dinner dangling from his mouth.  Great shot, don'tcha think?  I doubt if I could ever catch him at that precise moment.

"Long Island Egret", 7x5",pastel ©Kim Werfel

This is the smallest pastel painting I've ever done.  I took a tip from Rita Kirkman, a fabulous pastel artist, and bought some 3/16" white gatorboard and used Art Spectrum's pastel primer in terracotta for my surface.

Lots of fun working this small...and especially from a photo done by my expert photographer brother Ray.

Stay tuned for more pastel paintings!


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