Friday, August 30, 2013

Airedale Puppies

My newest commission, "Airedale Puppies" is from a wonderful professional Airedale Breeder in Pittsboro, NC...."Singing Hills Kennel" .  Meet Atticus and Allie, only 12 weeks old here.....

"Airedale Puppies", pastel, 16x20"©Kim Werfel - Sold

This piece is done on warm-toned light Sienna Jack Richeson 140lb paper on Gator Foam, a different surface for me.  Really like it.

I started with a photo that I printed and enlarged to 16 x 20" for reference.  I also printed it in black and white to see the values.

Here's my preliminary sketch:

Then I focused on Allie, the female pup on your right, laying in the darks...but I couldn't resist putting in some lights too.

Close-up of the face so far:

Laying in more color in the background and more darks in Atticus, the pup on the left.

More sky color....more colors in the fur, the bricks, the collars....

Lots and lots of refinement and here's Atticus and Allie's portrait.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Kim Werfel

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introduction to Pastel Class Starts in 2 1/2 Weeks

The ArtsCenter of Carrboro has just posted their Fall 2013 Catalog on-line.  Check it out here: 

My "Intro to Pastel" Class runs from September 5th - October 3rd (5 weeks) from 10 - 12:30pm.  $125 public and $113 for Friends of the ArtsCenter (great deal)

You can register on-line (convenient!) or call Phaedra Kelly at (919) 929-2787 x207 or just stop by the box office at the Arts Center.

(one of my best students at work!)

Here's the class description:

Explore the world of soft pastels! Learn how pastels combine your drawing and painting skills to create successful, expressive paintings without the need of brushes or water. Enjoy learning pastel painting techniques and the diversity of papers and pastels now available. We will discuss the importance of lines, shapes, values, edges and color choices. We will first work from a simple do-it-yourself still life set-up, and then from your own photos. Students new to pastel painting as well as returning students are welcome.Obtain materials list at The ArtsCenter front desk, prior to first class.
Kim Werfel 
Thursday, 10am-12:30pm, September 5-October 3 (5 weeks) $125 public, $113 Friends

The ArtsCenter of Carrboro is located at 300-G East Main Street, Carrboro, NC  27510.  

Returning students are welcome and can work on their own projects as in the Continuing  Pastel class.

Looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces!  I've kinda missed y'all (said with a NY accent) ;)

Happy painting,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Schnauzer-mix Commissioned Portrait

Today I'm going to share with you my process with painting "Petey", an adorable latest portrait commission.

First I choose a photo from my client's phone.  Since this is a surprise and she's out of state, I never got to take my own pictures (much preferred).  Luckily, she had this very expressive picture with nice lighting too!

So then we decide how large she wants it and I enlarge the photo to the size needed.  Then I sketch the main shapes in charcoal....taking care to get everything in just the right place.  This is constantly revised throughout the painting of the piece as I go.

Then I start with the darks.  I choose several colors...dark cool blues, browns, purples, blue-greens and a taupey - green shadow.  I add some lights too to see how the contrast will look.  I want to bring the viewer to her face (Petey's a she) so I make sure that's where the most contrast is.

I decide to try-out some background colors as Petey was sitting on a rug with lots of subtle colors that played nicely with her coloring.  I didn't want it to distract from her, but add some more life to the portrait.

Continuing along, I add more detail to her face and start considering her lower half...paws, fur and more background.

More refining...and more fun with the abstract background...blending and mixing colors.  Pastels are so wonderfully expressive and malleable!

Voila!  Portrait of Petey is finished!  What a fun project! :)

To see more of my dog as well as cat, animal and human portraits...please go to my website:

Portraits make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts for that special someone.  Order yours now, while there's time for me to paint them!  Find out the process on my website and send me an e-mail to get yours in my schedule.

Have a great day,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chapel Hill Weekly Photo

So my husband is killing time in a doctor's waiting room and picks up a paper on the table to find me on page 13!

Sunday, August 4th, I was asked to participate in my local vet's Open House.  So I went down from 1 to 4 that afternoon with some sample pet portraits and people were taking my picture and I didn't think much of it.

I'm amazed that the media can print your picture in the paper and not even tell you about it.  They said it "might" print, but then when it does I think they should notify you, no?  What do you think?

You might think that I'm getting a lot of business from this, but no.  Most business is from word of mouth, and meeting and talking with people face to face.  I am working on a commission of a schnauzer mix from this very Sunday afternoon event, with a couple of other commission maybes.  Not bad for one afternoon!

If anyone is thinking of maybe having a commissioned pet or people portrait done for a Christmas present...NOW is the time to contact me.  Classes start in September and run into November, along with show deadlines, a couple of out-of-town trips scheduled etc. and I'd love to be able to paint for you too, but only if I get you in the calendar now.

Thanks for following my blog....I'll show you my schnauzer-mix soon....(he's adorable!!!)