Friday, August 30, 2013

Airedale Puppies

My newest commission, "Airedale Puppies" is from a wonderful professional Airedale Breeder in Pittsboro, NC...."Singing Hills Kennel" .  Meet Atticus and Allie, only 12 weeks old here.....

"Airedale Puppies", pastel, 16x20"©Kim Werfel - Sold

This piece is done on warm-toned light Sienna Jack Richeson 140lb paper on Gator Foam, a different surface for me.  Really like it.

I started with a photo that I printed and enlarged to 16 x 20" for reference.  I also printed it in black and white to see the values.

Here's my preliminary sketch:

Then I focused on Allie, the female pup on your right, laying in the darks...but I couldn't resist putting in some lights too.

Close-up of the face so far:

Laying in more color in the background and more darks in Atticus, the pup on the left.

More sky color....more colors in the fur, the bricks, the collars....

Lots and lots of refinement and here's Atticus and Allie's portrait.

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Kim Werfel

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