Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Mystic

I'm currently exploring the theme of women empowered by using their skills, be it playing a musical instrument or just completely at home in their own skin...happy and busy being themselves. 

This woman was spinning these small metal hoops and I liked the way the light was catching them and her intent look as she balanced them. She was caught up in her skill and I love her Renaissance Fair costume.   

"The Mystic", 13"x10",pastel on Uart©KimWerfel

 I was trying to work her to a 9x12" for easy framing...but I always seem to want to push further.

This was tough with all the detail, but I'm happy with the result.  Next time I may go a bit larger.

Thanks for following my blog and happy painting!

Kim Werfel

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Woodland Bunny

You never know when inspiration for your next painting will come from.....

While walking my bichon frise Summer one morning, my neighbor stopped to show me a photo of a rabbit that we believe has been eating our flowers.  It hasn't been proven in court yet, but the evidence is stacking up.

She got a good close-up as he was right outside her window.  When I asked to paint him, she generously sent me her photo.  After cropping in and playing with color I came up with "Woodland Bunny".

"Woodland Bunny", pastel, 5x7"©KimWerfel

He's painted on gatorboard treated with an Art Spectrum Terracotta pastel surface.  I love the way the color pops when you use cools on a warm surface.  He's a charming little rascal.  People on facebook have asked for cards or prints.  I'll be making some cards soon.

The Rabbit is an astrological animal in China linked to the moon and good fortune.  Maybe my Woodland Rabbit will be lucky for me!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Kim Werfel

Monday, June 8, 2015

When Women Waken - Deer Spirit

I am thrilled that three of my paintings are in When Women Waken, a journal of poetry, prose and art by women. The June issue is about wildlife. 

Thank you to Anora McGaha for including my work in this beautiful on-line magazine. 

Click here to see the issue and my submissions:

My first submission is "Deer Spirit", my very first pastel deer portrait.

I had just moved into my new home in Chatham County, and was amazed and totally captivated by these astoundingly beautiful and graceful wild beings that appeared outside my windows.  
This "teenaged" fawn was outside my office when I took her photo.  The blue asphalt of the street behind her was changed into water and I found myself softening the edges around her unconsciously creating a halo effect.
This was different from anything I had painted before, as I usually paint quite realistically.  I decided to leave it looking a bit ethereal, I liked the effect.
The first person to see her during the Chatham Studio Tour that year bought her.  I was actually kinda sad to see her go.  This, of course, lead to more deer paintings.
So exciting to be included in this on-line magazine!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

30 Seconds of Fame on U-Tube

It may sound silly, but I'm excited to see myself on U-Tube during the reception of the 4th Annual North Carolina Juried Pastel Exhibition.

unflattering photo of Eric & I at the reception :) 

I'm receiving my award (which I redeemed today for a 18 pastel set of Unison Brown Earth pastels!)

Check it out here:

I show up at about 6 minutes 23 seconds for about 30 seconds.  Probably no one but my brother will look at this, but it made my day!

Got to get into the kitchen and make dinner!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 NC Statewide Pastel Exhibition

Proud to report that not only did I get into the 2015 Annual NC Juried Statewide Pastel Competition with "Gypsy", but received a Jack Richeson Gift Certificate for $125!  Was delighted they selected this unusual portrait over my more conventional entries.

"Gypsy", pastel, 6x20" ©KimWerfel

To view the 2015 NC Statewide Pastel Competition now at "The Art Shop" gallery in Greensboro, NC through June 16th, click on their website here and see the 100 entries online (selected from 250) The Art Shop.

It was a beautiful reception, complete with ordeurves (I made 5 dozen Caprese skewers with mozzarella cheese, grape tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette for the cause).  

There was beautiful music by a wonderful harpist and over 200 people at the biggest pastel event in North Carolina this year!

If you're nearby and get a chance, don't miss out on this beautiful exhibition!

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Solo Art Exhibit and New Advanced Pastel Class

Carol Woods in Chapel Hill is hosting my upcoming solo exhibit of 25 artworks in building 5.
Show runs from April 24th - May 29th, with the reception and artist's talk Friday April 24th from 4:30-5:30pm.

For a preview of the Exhibit check the U-Tube link here:

Would love to meet you there!


"Creekwood Path", pastel, 12x9"©KimWerfel

For those that already know the basics of pastel my "Continuing Pastel Painting Studio Class #2037" begins at the ArtsCenter of Carrboro Thursdays April 30th and runs til May 28th from 10am-12:30 in my regular classroom behind the stage (I hope)

This course is for the intermediate to advanced pastel student who wants critiques as they work on their own subject matter. Elements and principles of design are kept in mind as the students learn to apply compositional rules to their work for maximum results.
Classes start with group critiques and discussions with the rest of the class time working with individual help through class.

Time working outside class speeds results.
Basic understanding of pastels or Intro to Pastel Painting is required. Not for beginners.
Bring your pastels and photos you're working with to class and we'll brainstorm a composition together to create your vision.

Email me at with any questions. I'll be taking a teaching break over the Summer, and look forward to seeing you.

best regards,

Kim Werfel

Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrate Spring with a Pastel Class!

The second set of classes this year at the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill starts this Monday, March 9th from 1-3pm. Sign up today, or Monday morning before class.

You may work on your own projects, or I'll have something new for you to get you in the mood for warmer weather!

Connect with your tribe of other pastel artists & work on your own artwork with guidance
or follow me with a new project. Sanded paper will be can buy a pre-made foam core board with a Sanded Surface from me for $3 or bring your own sanded paper.

Join us starting this Monday March 9th at the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill, 2551 Homestead Rd, NC 27516

Call them for registration info at 919 542-6495. $75 - 5 wks.

Questions? e-mail me at

See you Monday!


Saturday, February 14, 2015


While visiting my frame shop on Halloween, I snapped a photo of one of the costumed employees and finally got around to painting her pastel portrait. I decided to use my new favorite surface, suede mat board, but this one was a dark gray...much harder (I found out) to make light creamy skin tones on! 

"Gypsy", 15" x 20", pastel ©Kim Werfel

This surface is not forgiving and I doubt if I will ever do another portrait on the dark color. 
A learning experience, but fun.  It works really well depicting animal's fur.  

She told me she was a pirate, but I prefer to call this "Gypsy".

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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Meet "Ramsay", a beautiful dog with soulful eyes who lives in my town here in Pittsboro.  Ramsay's "Mom" had me paint him from one of his "Dad's" photos....Dad is studying photography and provided me with an wonderful shot here that helped me capture his spirit so well.

"Ramsay", 11"x14", pastel ©Kim Werfel

This artwork is painted on archival suede matboard, a newer pastel substrate for me that works wonderfully to capture the softness of fur while still maintaining vibrant color.  

A variety of pastels are used here...mostly Terry Ludwigs, but also some Rebrandts and  New Pastels.  A joy to paint!

A happy client that said I exceeded her expectations is my best reward.  I love painting pets for loving owners!  

Contact me to have your furry companion painted today.