Sunday, May 24, 2015

2015 NC Statewide Pastel Exhibition

Proud to report that not only did I get into the 2015 Annual NC Juried Statewide Pastel Competition with "Gypsy", but received a Jack Richeson Gift Certificate for $125!  Was delighted they selected this unusual portrait over my more conventional entries.

"Gypsy", pastel, 6x20" ©KimWerfel

To view the 2015 NC Statewide Pastel Competition now at "The Art Shop" gallery in Greensboro, NC through June 16th, click on their website here and see the 100 entries online (selected from 250) The Art Shop.

It was a beautiful reception, complete with ordeurves (I made 5 dozen Caprese skewers with mozzarella cheese, grape tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette for the cause).  

There was beautiful music by a wonderful harpist and over 200 people at the biggest pastel event in North Carolina this year!

If you're nearby and get a chance, don't miss out on this beautiful exhibition!

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