Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chapel Hill Weekly Photo

So my husband is killing time in a doctor's waiting room and picks up a paper on the table to find me on page 13!

Sunday, August 4th, I was asked to participate in my local vet's Open House.  So I went down from 1 to 4 that afternoon with some sample pet portraits and people were taking my picture and I didn't think much of it.

I'm amazed that the media can print your picture in the paper and not even tell you about it.  They said it "might" print, but then when it does I think they should notify you, no?  What do you think?

You might think that I'm getting a lot of business from this, but no.  Most business is from word of mouth, and meeting and talking with people face to face.  I am working on a commission of a schnauzer mix from this very Sunday afternoon event, with a couple of other commission maybes.  Not bad for one afternoon!

If anyone is thinking of maybe having a commissioned pet or people portrait done for a Christmas present...NOW is the time to contact me.  Classes start in September and run into November, along with show deadlines, a couple of out-of-town trips scheduled etc. and I'd love to be able to paint for you too, but only if I get you in the calendar now.

Thanks for following my blog....I'll show you my schnauzer-mix soon....(he's adorable!!!)


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