Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer Seagull

Love going to the Atlantis down at Pine Knoll Shores for little vacations on the ocean.  They take dogs, so I can bring my bichon Summer.

While there last year I snapped a photo of a local seagull, sunning himself on a pier.

"Summer Seagull", pastel, 5x7"©Kim Werfel

This was done on white ampersand pastelboard, underpainted in magenta acrylic.  I'm still trying out different surfaces and their affects.  I'm loving working on these smaller sizes....little gems.

If you go to the Atlantis, check out the giclee framed in the yours truly...of their dog Cody.
He may be there to greet you as well!

"Cody", pastel, 16x20"©Kim Werfel

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing Summer Seagull, or having a special portrait painted of your own.

Have a great day!


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