Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fearrington Cows

Some fun last week was had at the "Meet the Artists" reception in the "Belties Lounge" at Galloway Ridge last Tuesday, March 27th from 6-8pm.

Me with "Fearrington Cows", pastel, 17x22", $550,©2012Kim Werfel

After a juried process, two of my pastels were in the show!  Pictured here are "Fearrington Cows", (otherwise known as Galloway Cows, from Scotland).  They're known for their distinct white they're often called belties.  Some call them Oreo cows, their white middle is like the cookie!

This painting is done in Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC...the little place where I live, so I see these beautiful cows every day, along with their belted goats....but that's another story for another blog!

The other painting accepted is "Fall Tree"below:

"Fall Tree", pastel, 11x14",$325 ©2012 Kim Werfel

This piece is framed with a cherry wood frame and filet with a soft grey/green mat. Framed size is 17"x20".

Local news photographers were there and I had my photo snapped by the Chapelboro photographer...see more images from the show here.

Contact me here if you're interested in these or of having a commission painted of your own.

Enjoy this Spring day!


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  1. Kim, I learned of your blog on Alyson's blog. Thanks for being the "guinea pig" for the rest of us!

    Have you discovered the artist Brian Kliewer from Maine? He has a thing for these belted cows too. He posts often, so either you need to scroll through several pages or just visit his website to see his Galloways.

    And congratulations on the acceptance of your 2 pieces!