Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Little Man" pastel dog portrait commission

"Little Man", pastel, 11x14", sold

This sweet little dog was a joy to paint!  Unfortunately he is no longer with us.
He was so loved by his owner....this is her memorial tribute to him.

original photo

She supplied me with photos and I chose this one as it showed the most personality and spirit.  I was lucky this time to have such a great photo to work with.  She didn't want the leash or collar in the portrait.

I love the bond between people and animals.  It's a priviledge to create these memory portraits.


  1. Thanks Fay! It was a joy to paint!

  2. Very nice work. I bet the owner was thrilled to have this!

  3. Thanks Tim. It's rewarding to create something to help a grieving owner remember their "best friend."