Sunday, March 24, 2013


"Springtime" is based on a flowering tree in Camden Park, Fearrington Village, Pittsboro, North Carolina last Spring.  Right now it's raining here and I can't wait until Spring does I guess I have Spring fever!

"Springtime", pastel, 9x12"©KimWerfel

This work is done on Art Spectrum paper toned a warm terracotta color.  Based on a photo that I took last year about this time below:

I played around with different compositions and originally had a lighter value on the grass, but decided to tone it down just a touch as I think it distracted from the tree trunk.  I also made the leaves into a path to lead your eye into the picture.  Believe it or not the bottom third caused me more trouble than the bright pink flowers, which I thought would be the problem.  You never know!

Here you can see from photoshop elements that the grass is quite light to the left, but I also narrowed down the values and the computer exaggerates them.  Still, I find this a helpful tool.  I also do charcoal and/or value marker value drawings to move things around and see how they look.

Will talk about this one in Thursday morning's "Continuing Pastel Class".

Happy Painting!

Kim Werfel

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