Thursday, August 23, 2012

ArtsCenter Instructor Open House Demo and New Fall Class Info

The ArtsCenter of Carrboro is sponsoring an "Instructor Open House" event this Saturday, August 25th from 4-6 pm to help kick-off the new fall classes.  I'll be there with my pastels and a painting demo on my easel.

Here's a photo from my current pastel class, showing one of my fabulous students at work on a pumpkin still life set up.  Brand new to pastel painting, she took to it easily and is making wonderful progress.
My next "Introduction to Pastel Painting Class" is on Thursday mornings, September 13 - October 18th, from 10 am to 12 noon at the ArtsCenter.  Class #1024 on page 11 of the new Fall ArtsCenter Class Catalog.
Click here for the catalog

This class gives an overview of different pastels, pastel pencils, papers and materials, as well as pastel blending techniques.  We will work from both photos and still life set-ups, with emphasis on shapes, values, and hard/soft edges.  Special care in framing pastels will be discussed as well.

Class runs for 6 weeks, $120 non-members, $108 members.

Materials list can be found here.
You can register in person at the ArtsCenter front desk, by mail with the registration form in the Catalog, by phone at (919) 927-2787 x201 with a credit or debit card, or online at

Come join us, whether a beginner or intermediate level student, and learn about the wonderful medium of pastel! 

Questions?  E-mail me here.

Come meet me Saturday and sign up for my class!

Kim Werfel

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