Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jack Russell - Beagle Mix

Meet "Mojo" - a Jack Russell/Beagle mix who is Maggie-May's "brother" (so to speak)

"Mojo", 6x6", acrylic ©Kim Werfel

He too, is on a 6x6" wraparound canvas and painted in acrylics.  And yes, his ear really does flip up that cutely...he's adorable. 

I couldn't just paint one dog without painting the other.  So now they have bookends :)

Here's Mojo's original photo that I worked from....changing the background to blue kept it dark, cool and pushed it back but brought some color into it.  Blue will recede and Mojo's a little guy, so it fits :)

I continued his paws around the edges of the to do on wraparound canvases.

It was so much fun to paint these paintings that I think I will now offer them as a portrait option to my much larger pastel and acrylic portraits....providing there's a photo I can work from and it's the head only (six inches is a bit of a challenger to fit much else).

I'll be offering them for $150 - they don't need framing, are varnished and come with a little sawtooth hanger in the back so you can put them on a tabletop, bookcase or hang in a small spot on a wall alone or in a grouping.  Makes a perfect gift for a loving pet owner.  :)

Now to let him dry and gift him to my sweet neighbors!  (they loved Maggie-May!)


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