Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Startled Squirrel

One form of wildlife that will never be endangered, at least in my neighborhood, is the squirrel. 

For the past two studio tours I've had a visitor look at all my animal paintings and ask "What? No squirrels?"  So I'm ready for her now, unless some squirrel collector squirrels this one away before then. (sorry, I couldn't resist that)

"Startled Squirrel", 6 3/4 x 9", pastel ©Kim Werfel 2012

This fellow was outside my window stealing bird seed from my feeder that was supposed to be "squirrel proof".  They didn't count on the ingenuity of the Fearrington Squirrels...

Still enjoying the same pad of pastelmat paper, this one in a dark charcoal color, a good background for his neutral tones and the light shining through his furry tail.

See my website for more wildlife art.

Enjoy this leap day!


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  1. Kim, this is a beautiful painting, you really captured this animal so well!
    Sorry to say, I will be unable to attend Friday night. I would love to see you! Maybe we can meet up soon.