Friday, February 24, 2012

Goat in the Grass

Goats are one animal I haven't painted often.  So while at Celebrity Dairy in Siler City, NC with my animal rug-hooking friend Karen Poetzinger, this goat presented himself to me.

Don't know much about goats....didn't know if he was a friendly sort or not, so I kept my distance as I snapped his portrait.

Not much color here...but I could fix that....loved the light coming from one side (Rembrandt lighting, from my portrait class days). 

So I broke out a package of some new pastelmat paper I've never used before...choosing a medium warm undertone.  After pushing the color around for a's my "Goat in the Grass".

"Goat in the Grass", pastel, 9x7" ©Kim Werfel

Love the velvety feel of the pastelmat, but it isn't as forgiving as my art spectrum paper.  Pastel artists out there....what's your favorite surface?

I'm going to paint more animals from this farm.  Great fun!
If you have a favorite photo of an animal that you would like me to paint, contact me here.

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Stay tuned for my next painting.....