Sunday, December 18, 2011


"McSweeney", pastel, 12"x18"

This black cat has the most luminous, spooky, possessed black-cat eyes!  This was the challenge of this portrait.  He also has two very small white spots - one on his belly and one on his chest.  Velvety thick black as night fur throughout the rest of him.

I went over to the apartment where he "reigns" over his kingdom.  Unlike most cats who like to hide from strangers, he came right up to me to check me out....almost like a dog.  Quite cooperative during his photo shoot, he struck this pose and gazed at me with those x-ray eyes.

His Mom wanted me to paint them his name is Irish :)  They are really a yellow-green I surrounded him in green for effect.  I shall call them and tell him his royal highness is ready for Christmas...a present for his Dad.

Hope he's well received!

Thanks for reading my blog :)



  1. He's just lovely Kim. I'm sure your client will be very pleased. You have such a way with animals.

  2. Thanks Sarah and Karen, I appreciate your support!