Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Day of the Studio Tour

Well the last day of the Studio Tour was wonderful!  Met so many lovely people interested in what I do and fascinated with the pastel painting process!  Met new neighbors and many interested in lessons that I plan to organize next year. 

One of my very first pastel teachers surprised me with a visit - hadn't seen her in years - was soo very happy to see her - Mrs. Linda Passman.  She started me out with my portrait of my cat "Mowie", who was a homework assignment that wound up winning me a 1st place at the NC State Fair.  That piece kick-started my career.  She is my role model for great teaching :)

Here a customer is checking out my giclee prints along my "Wall of Deer" paintings.  "The Lookout", my latest, was by far the favorite.

Cards were a popular item...sold out on some last weekend and had to order more just in time for this weekend.

 Here are a few cows, donkeys and a black lab print on my propanels set up on another side of the living room.....

 My husband Eric was following me and my visitors around like the paparozzi!!  Glad he did cause I got so involved with people I forgot to take photos .

 The "Twins" portrait was graciously loaned to me for the Studio Tour...."Keepsakes" Framing in Pittsboro framed them beautifully... They were a hit!

My little bichon princess "Summer" enjoyed greeting everyone at the front door.....of course she thought everyone was there to see her!

Sooo many visitors - what a great Studio Tour!  I'll sleep well tonight and try to get back into "normal living" again tomorrow...whatever that is!

Thanks for following me on my blog :) Kim

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