Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Joonie" Commissioned Portrait

"Joonie", pastel, 9x12"

This wonderful dog is the rescued pet of a good artist friend who asked me to paint their dog for her husband's Christmas present.  I love being in on surprise gifts :)  I get to be in on the fun! 

She asked me to paint smaller than I usually do...this is done on a 9x12"pastelboard.  This surface allows for great details, yet I usually prefer colorfix paper.  Joonie was great for her photoshoot - sooo smart yet friendly.  It was late afternoon when the light and shadows were fabulously dramatic...I left the sky the intense blue it was....reflects Joonie's equally bright spirit!

A pleasure from start to finish.  Love painting pet portraits...they make the best gifts!

Thank you for viewing my blog :)

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