Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesse - The Finale!

Jesse - Finished Portrait

After much tweaking Jesse's done.  I think it was good to let him sit a day and come back with fresh eyes.  I took this last one with my better camera, outdoors and I realize how much better the colors are!

I played with the subtle value and temperature shifts in his ears to make them more 3/dimensional, tweaked area around his eyes and made subtle adjustments throughout.

Holes are drilled in the back to hold the metal loops.  The metal loops and plastic-coated wire are from United Manufacturers Supplies in Syosset, NY.  You can get good deals from buying a whole spool of wire, and a larger order of metal loops and screws.

The painting has the image on the sides....some artists just paint the sides black, but I think it looks cool to see more of the painting continued on the wraparound sides.

I'll let him sit a couple of days before I varnish him with Golden glossy acrylic brings out the colors big-time and protects the painting.

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Contact me if you're interested in a pet portrait of your own.  I also paint children and, of course, in pastels too.



  1. This is beautiful, Kim. You did a great job on all the folds in his skin and I love the way his ears turned out. You must be very pleased with this one!

  2. Superb! You truly have a way of bringing a canvas to life.

  3. Thanks so much for the encouragement Fay and Karen. It means a lot to me. :)