Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bloodhound Jesse's Portrait - Steps 1 & 2

Step 1 - Underpainting & Sketch

Jesse the Bloodhound is my latest commission...I thought I'd share with you my portrait process for this 14x18" acrylic on wraparound canvas.

Step 1 - I give the canvas a warm red underpainting with Matisse's China Red Background paint which has a built-in sealer that acts like a pigmented gesso. 

I had a photo session with Jesse, taking @80 photos and giving the client a choice of 5.  They choose this one (which was also my favorite) and decided on the portrait size.  I then printed the photo and enlarged it to the finished size to work with as a reference.  Following this, I sketched his contour and main features for placement on the canvas with a pastel pencil.

Step 2 - Starting the Eyes

Since the eyes are always the focal point and so important, I decided to start with them...putting in shapes, values and temperature.  I will fine-tune them later, but it always helps me to have him watching me during the process :)

Close-up of Eyes so far

That's all for today....tomorrow I continue....stay-tuned! 

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  1. Hi Kim, I am so glad you are showing this process-I can't wait to see more.
    I am also glad to hear about the Matisse China red. I have a difficult time painting on the panels, even though they are gessobord, because the paint seems to sink in as it drys.