Saturday, February 13, 2016

Prometheus, God of Fire

Here's another from my Renaissance Fair Series I call "Prometheus, God of Fire."
So much fun painting him!

Watching this man skillfully entertain the crowd while juggling fire was enthralling, to say the least!
The flames were lighting his already red face and created quite a theatrical effect.

"Prometheus, God of Fire", 16"x12", pastel©KimWerfel

I love capturing movement, and it's the first time I ever painted fire.  Exciting!  Loved the pattern on his vest, the hat, and the great compositional effect of the three moving torches.  On U-Art board, 320 grit, with an orange under painting to bring up the heat and make the blue vibrate.  Made rough strokes to capture the texture of the background.

Hope to get to painting more of these soon.

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