Thursday, October 4, 2012

Continuing Pastel Painting Class

My "Introduction to Pastel Painting Class" has been humming along these past four weeks and after being asked, I decided to create a new class "Continuing Pastel Painting".

The new class is not for beginners....but will build on the elements of design from the Intro Class.

We will introduce the principles of design and different types of composition.  Preliminary value and color studies will be explored giving you tools to create great paintings from life and/or photos! 

Beginning pastel student working from her own still life set-up

Class begins on Thursday Oct. 25th from 10am - Noon.  Click on this link to register at the ArtsCenter in Carrboro.  Class number 1024B Continuing Pastel Painting, $82 tuition, Friends of the ArtsCenter $74, day of class tuition $87.

Materials List is here

Questions?  Feel free to contact me at

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