Saturday, July 21, 2012

Husky-Shepherd Mix Commission

Meet "Beau" (or rather the southern version "BO" as his owner's wife said.)

This commission is a birthday surprise.  BO has passed on to doggie heaven, and was much loved by his owner.  I never got to meet BO, but somehow in the process of carefully painting him, I always feel a connection.

"BO", 14x18", pastel, ©Kim Werfel 2012

The owner's thoughtful wife never knew BO either, but knew her husband loved him so.  There are only two photos of him, so I chose the one with him looking at the camera....seemingly happy to me.

This work is painted on Wallis paper that I undercoated with a burnt orange pastel and wet into the paper for a warm ground to liven up all the blue-greens.

Birthday is in August, so I must let him go so he can be properly framed for the birthday surprise. 

Now instead of a small snapshot, he'll be honored with his own portrait, a loving reminder of a faithful companion.

Love being able to do this for people.  It's the best.

Kim Werfel

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