Friday, January 20, 2012

"Jeb"...a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Commission

"Jeb", 11"x14", pastel, sold

When taking photos of dogs during a photo shoot, I like to play with them, get them to chase a ball or maybe play with their favorite toys to warm them up and connect.  Not Jeb.  He's as serious as he looks here.  Just eight years old, the same as my Bichon Summer, who still usually jumps at the chance to have someone play ball with her.

Jeb is so beautiful and photogenic that we had several pictures to choose from.  His "Mom" liked this one, and I did too.  This really shows his serious, pensive nature.

I painted him on Jack Richeson's Unison Premium Pastel Hardboard...a different surface for me, because it was toned a color that matched his ears really well.  I wound up covering up most of the surface as I went along, preferring a dark cool background to contrast his warm ears.

The board was grittier than I liked, making it harder for me to get the fine details of his soft hair, so I found myself fighting the surface. I think it's better for a looser landscape than the detailed, realistic portraits I enjoy.

All in all, I'm happy with my portrait of Jeb.

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