Thursday, April 10, 2014

Commissioned Pastel Dog Portrait

Meet "Yogi", a chow-mix that recently passed on, my new commissioned pastel portrait.  I never met him or his owner, one of the latest portraits whose business has been handled exclusively on-line.   Lucky for me she had many lovely photos to work from.

"Yogi", 11x14", pastel ©KimWerfel

This one was elusively challenging as he was a brown dog with very subtle shifts of value and temperature defining his face and fur.  A haunting sad and strong look in his eyes arrested me when I saw the photo and knew this was the one to work from.  

There was a photo of him in the snow and I wanted to put the cool colors in the background to bring the warmth of his fur forward.

Challenging, but rewarding. My favorite type of commission.  I'm pleased with the results.

Have a great weekend!


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