Sunday, February 10, 2013

Roan Horse Portrait

What a great experience meeting Roxanne, a beloved Roan Horse that's 35 years old.  (Quite old for a horse.)  Her adoring caretaker commissioned me to create her portrait during December's Studio Tour.
After visiting her in her pasture and taking photos, we finally agreed on this one, showing both her eyes with her ears up and alert.

"Roxanne", pastel, 17x20"©Kim Werfel

She has her winter coat grown in, and her coat has more white in it as she's aged.  (Dogs and Horses' hair grow grayer and whiter as they age like us humans)  You could see the warm tones under the hair, as well as reflected bluish light from the sky and shade.

Her blue halter helps break up her long thin face.  She cooperated with the photos as long as carrots were around.  I was really impressed with the love bond between her and her caretaker.  So wonderful to see.

Having had a palomino as a child, painting Roxanne brought back wonderful memories of my horse Brandy.

I may be painting more horses as the opportunities express themselves.

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Kim Werfel

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