Monday, January 14, 2013

Flora, Goddess of Flowers

My latest off the easel...a playful one :)  Another from my trip to the Renaissance Faire in Huntersville, NC last October.

"Flora, Goddess of Flowers", pastel, 12"x17"©Kim Werfel

 This piece posed a few new problems for me to solve.  First of all, I rarely paint flowers so it was a new subject matter for me.   I really wanted to capture her beguiling expression and the riot of color so I went for it!  

Halfway into the piece I realized that the flowers were competing big-time with her face.  So I dramatically softened all the edges in the flowers leaving the flowers on her hair with the most contrast and the sharpest edges leading your eye there.  I let her arms show more than in the photo, but softened the edges there too so your eye wouldn't rest there.  

Finally, her face was in shadow and the red flowers were bouncing color into her face, so I pushed that too in order to bring your eye back to her face as the focal point.  I justify this by naming her a Goddess!  A fun experiment for me.

Hope you enjoy my adventure in pastels!

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Kim Werfel.

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