Friday, March 23, 2012

Curious Kid

This little goat stole my heart while visiting Celebrity Dairy in Siler City, NC.
He was so curious about what I was doing...he demanded to be photographed and painted!

"Curious Kid", pastel, 6x6 ©Kim Werfel

He's painted on 3/16" white gatorboard with Art Spectrum's Fine Tooth Colorfix primer in Terracotta.  I loved the angle and planned on capitalizing on the strong diagonal, heavily textured board and complementary colors.  But there were problems with light coming from various angles, part of another goat in the scene and part of a fence to delete.

This took more time than I thought....I simplified the composition to just the goat that caught my heart in the first place and the straw around him.  Sometimes less is more :)

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Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer Seagull

Love going to the Atlantis down at Pine Knoll Shores for little vacations on the ocean.  They take dogs, so I can bring my bichon Summer.

While there last year I snapped a photo of a local seagull, sunning himself on a pier.

"Summer Seagull", pastel, 5x7"©Kim Werfel

This was done on white ampersand pastelboard, underpainted in magenta acrylic.  I'm still trying out different surfaces and their affects.  I'm loving working on these smaller sizes....little gems.

If you go to the Atlantis, check out the giclee framed in the yours truly...of their dog Cody.
He may be there to greet you as well!

"Cody", pastel, 16x20"©Kim Werfel

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing Summer Seagull, or having a special portrait painted of your own.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long Island Egret

My brother is a very good photographer when he's not working in the family business in Brooklyn, NY, W.H. Christian & Sons.  Living on the water, he often photographs the wildlife there....and gave me permission to paint this egret.

Although his egret was in the act of fishing, I decided to paint mine without dinner dangling from his mouth.  Great shot, don'tcha think?  I doubt if I could ever catch him at that precise moment.

"Long Island Egret", 7x5",pastel ©Kim Werfel

This is the smallest pastel painting I've ever done.  I took a tip from Rita Kirkman, a fabulous pastel artist, and bought some 3/16" white gatorboard and used Art Spectrum's pastel primer in terracotta for my surface.

Lots of fun working this small...and especially from a photo done by my expert photographer brother Ray.

Stay tuned for more pastel paintings!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Picnic Place

Right outside our house in Fearrington Village is a patch of land with a picnic table used for an occasional block party.  I enjoy seeing the morning light, especially when the fall colors begin. 

The Picnic Place, pastel, 12x16"©Kim Werfel

I know it's Spring, but I've been meaning to paint this since last fall, and just got to it now.

Working from this enlarged photo, I tried to keep pretty true to the composition, eliminating a bench and simplifying the shapes and colors.

Spring is inspiring me, so stay tuned for more seasonal painting.....maybe even an Easter bunny!

What's your favorite season to paint?

Kim Werfel

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Grow a "Goatee"

I felt this winsome goat to be particularly handsome sporting his goatee...the real thing that not every man can successfully accomplish!  Thus, his name....

"Goatee", 7x8", pastel ©KimWerfel

Sweet natured and playful, this goat was a willing subject to photograph.  Most just want a scratch behind the ear or some food like a dog.  Goat curtesy of Celebrity Dairy.

This fellow is painted on Richeson's pastel surface on hardboard with a soft sienna coating.

Contact me to purchase.

Kim Werfel

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to photograph a Lazy Llama

1.  Keep at a distance and use your zoom lens.
2.  Best to be outside his pasture.

If you don't follow these risk being spit on or chased!

"Lazy Llama", pastel, 9x7"©Kim Werfel

Adult llamas can be 6 feet tall and from 280-450 pounds!  They are often used to guard sheep or other animals  (goats). 

While at Celebrity Dairy, we got permission to cut through a field to photograph some chickens on the other side (sounds like a joke, but it's true) (see Rooster and his Chicks).  This llama was in the field and watched our every move....kinda made it exciting :)'s my small pastel marking the exciting event!

"Lazy Llama", pastel, 9x7"©Kim Werfel

Contact me for information about purchasing "Lazy Llama" or other artwork on my blog or website.

Kim Werfel

Friday, March 2, 2012

Deer Spirit

Attended the Women's Center reception tonight to find about 200 people milling about the Top of the Hill Restaurant in Chapel Hill.  The food was delicious, I had some sparking wine, there was a DJ and my good friend Karen came along! 

"Deer Spirit", 5x7", acrylic on canvas ©Kim Werfel

My piece "Deer Spirit" was already sold when I arrived!....and we eavesdropped on a conversation and met the buyer!  She was interested in my pet portraits so I gave her my card and brochure.  Getting the hang of this marketing thing!

"Turtle Reflections" was still there....

"Turtle Reflections", 5x7", acrylic on canvas©Kim Werfel

and "Feline" remained as well when we left at 8pm.  The event was going strong until 10pm.   All of the pieces are to be left for the Women's Center to possibly sell at a later date. 

"Feline", 7x5", acrylic on canvas ©Kim Werfel

This was so much fun and all for a good cause.

Stay tuned for more paintings!