Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kim Werfel Portraits & Fine Art Blog: Fire and Ice

Kim Werfel Portraits & Fine Art Blog: Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

"Fire and Ice", pastel, 10 3/4 x 18 1/2

So rare for me to see a Buck.  The hunters kill them all off...which saddens me so.  I photographed this handsome young buck from far away with a zoom lens...cropped in tight to his trusting face and played with color keeping values and temperature in mind. 

As my muse dictated, I changed the background to be more firey, foreground cold...creating the title "Fire and Ice". 

For you friends out there on my mailing list...he may be this year's Christmas Card :).  He was so much fun to paint!

Thank you for following my blog.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Juried into Pastel Society of America

I've just received confirmation of being elected a Juried Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America!    I'm excited to be recognized by this prestigious organization.
The three pastel artworks that were juried are "Alfalfa", "Regal" and "Curious".



I'm also in the Chatham Artists Guild Show at the PAF Gallery in Siler City, NC with "Hello There", an acrylic painting of a donkey.
"Hello There"
This news is inspiring....just what I needed to get back to work at my easel!  Thank you for following my blog :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Campbell House Reception

I look as tired as I felt, but relieved that the Campbell House show came off beautifully!  See more photos posted at the Pastel Society of North Carolina's Facebook page and "like" our group :)

There are about 60 pieces of beautiful examples of the pastel medium in this show that will run through October 28th. 

It's a long drive to Southern Pines, but a beautiful destination.  I had the pleasure of driving with a wonderful artist, teacher and friend, Herb Slapo.  Here he is with one of his lovely cloud paintings.

Another talented colleague of mine, Vinita Jain, helped me with the reception.  Here she is with one of her beautiful pastels.

I thought we brought too much food but was mistaken.  There is a regular crowd here that attends all the openings.  The cheese and crackers went in a flash!

So c'mon down and check out the wonderful artwork this month.
Lots of places to have lunch while you're here in town too!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Lookout

"The Lookout", 19x25", pastel

Last fall, I started putting food out for the deer....the dog would go after it, so I put it up in the bird bath where she couldn't reach.  This was perfect for the deer :) 

I looked out my kitchen window one morning and snapped a photo of a group of them having breakfast.  One doe turned and spotted me...the light was just coming up over the house and lit her face beautifully.  Thus the title "The Lookout". 

I experimented and used Sennelier La Carte Paper in a dusty blue color.  My computer has been giving me trouble so this took a while to transfer from my camera - the color is a tad bluer.  I may still tweak it ever done???